Tips for Decorating a Small Apartment

With these tips to decorate a small apartment you can face a series of problems that arise many times when planning the areas of home and the organization of each space.
We currently find a tendency to build apartments and apartments of small dimensions, as the price of land has skyrocketed and is one of the few ways we have access to a home. Therefore, due to the lack of space, it is difficult to decorate it as we had planned.
If you find yourself in this situation and want to know some tips to decorate a small apartment we encourage you to keep reading. You must be flexible and have one goal in mind: maximize any available space

Choice of color to decorate a small apartment

The light colored walls will make a room

look bigger than it really is , while on the other hand, painting it a dark color will create a feeling of overwhelm. That is to say, that the color that we choose for our walls will have a decisive influence when it comes to creating an amplitude of spaces. White and other light colors are the most suitable for this.

Decoration in the apartment

Although it is something very personal, the types of decoration that best suit our purpose are the minimalist , modernist styles and those that require little furnitureand make us save space. The idea is that we use only furniture that is absolutely indispensable and always forming very simple lines. If we find it too modest we can use some purely decorative elements, but taking care that the final result is uniform.

Solar light in the small apartment

Like color, the clarity of light will make any small space in your apartment appear larger. Whenever our economy allows us, we should place windows in windows that have natural light throughout the day. The advantages of sunlight are many, on the one hand we save energy (good for the planet and for the pocket) and on the other hand, this type of lighting is not harmful to the eyes as it can be the artificial one. If you have to change the windows and always thinking about saving space, better if they are sliding type.

Artificial light in the apartment

Within the types of artificial lighting that exist, we are left with halogen light , which is capable of projecting a lot of amplitude and helps us to reach those spaces that are far from the natural lighting of our floor. A good alternative is the portholes, which allow us to focus the light to the point we want and that, when glued to the walls or the ceiling, do not take up much space.

Maximizing the space of the apartment

We will have to take care of every little detail , go discounting centimeters here and there so that when we add them all we will notice how our available space has increased . In this sense, buy a bed of 90 or 100 centimeters, which are known as "individual" instead of those that have 105 or 120, which are "body and a half". To take advantage of our bed even better, there are a set of mattresses that are placed just below the mattress, so you can store your things while you gain space.
With this idea in mind we can change our lamps and bedside tables by light fixtures, avoid traditional furniture and bet on drawers and built-in shelves or even change our bathtub for a shower. If in addition to giving more space to our home we create a place to store things, such as the case of the mattress type bed that we mentioned before, then we are doing twice as well.

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