Unique Textured Wallpapers to Give Your Wall Three Dimensional Effects

Textured wallpapers are home decorating product that has a three-dimensional finish or a three-dimensional effect.
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Textured wallpapers made out of bamboo might actually have a rough texture to the touch. On the other hand, there are wallpapers that are simply printed or painted in such a way that they look like they have a three-dimensional texture. These kinds of faux textured wallpapers are actually smooth to the touch. Understandably wall paper that is actually textured is often more expensive than faux textured wallpaper, especially the variety that is printed in mass quantities.

Sometimes textured wallpapers are used to make a wall look as though it is made of a natural, textured material.

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This is true in cases where wallpaper creates faux effects of marble or stucco. This is an inexpensive alternative to actually building with natural materials such as stone that can be quite expensive, especially when they are installed in large slabs to cover an entire wall. This kind of textured wallpaper can be used in homes but is also often used in commercial or public buildings.
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There are some kinds of textured wallpapers that are embossed so that there is actually a three-dimensional quality to the product. It is most common for embossed wallpaper to be made from vinyl rather than from a paper product. Sometimes these kinds of vinyl wallpapers are used to mimic natural building products just like wallpaper options made from paper products.
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In addition to simply creating a textured look, textured wallpaper can be used to mask unevenness in walls. A wall that has received years of uneven paint jobs and sloppy spackling may be covered by a layer of textured wallpapers. This sort of wallpaper with a three-dimensional effect can hide roughness that may be the result of many layers of wallpaper being put up and then removed.

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